Top Uses of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality or VR has dominated technology headlines for the past few years. That is because of its ability to immerse its users in a virtual world. Gaming is the commonly known use for VR, but its potential does not stop there. The following are different ways VR technology is applied in various fields.


virtual realityThe truth is that the adult entertainment industry has been a silent driver of different technologies. With VR, porn is seen by many as an obvious use. A lot of porn portals and websites have implemented VR sections on their websites. It is estimated that over 50 million people used VR porn for the last two years. You will be surprised to learn that there’s lots of subscriptions out there to choose from, some free. Although VR porn seems like something out of the science fiction movie, it is a formidable one.


Different military organizations have adopted the use of VR in their training. That is because it allows them to undertake a wide range of simulations. That is used in a wide range of branches of service. The truth is that virtual reality can put a trainee in different situations, environments, and places. That explains why the military is using it for battlefield simulations, flight simulations, vehicle simulation, medic training, and other things. Another benefit of using VR in the military is the reduction of training costs. Also, it can safely replicate dangerous situations.


Recent studies show that VR is revolutionizing the sports industry for both viewers and players. That is because it is used as a training aid in different sports and can help analyze technique and measure athletic performance. Also, VR has been used in enhancing the viewer’s experience of sporting events. That explains why broadcasters can now stream live games in the VR and prepare to sell “virtual tickets” to live games.

Mental Health

using vrVirtual reality is now used as a method for treating post-traumatic stress. When you use VR exposure therapy, you will enter a re-enactment of the traumatic event. Moreover, it has been used in treating depression, phobias, and anxiety. It can also provide a good environment for the patients to come in contact with different things they may fear while remaining in a safe and controlled environment.

Medical Training

Dental and medical students use VR to learn procedures and surgeries. That allows for a free learning environment. In fact, virtual patients can be used to allow medical students to acquire skills that can later be used in the real world.