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Understanding Weak Ejaculation and Its Treatment

Men get sexual pleasure and pass the enjoyment to their partners by having healthy ejaculation. This is characterized by expelling enough semen and with much force to create the desired effect. However, due to various issues, some men experience weak ejaculation. It is manifested by producing a low quantity of semen and expelled with less force.

But the problem of weak ejaculation is subjective, and only the man feel and can tell about it. Also, the intensity of orgasm differs from one man to another. Even if a man may think that the ejaculation is weak, it is not a problem unless it affects his enjoyment of sex. Fortunately, men experiencing this problem can use semen enhancers to rectify the situation by increasing the volume of semen and orgasm intensity.

Here are some of the ways that men can use to treat weak ejaculation:


a man joggingMen can do some exercises to strengthen the muscles that help in ejaculation. An example of such workouts is Kegel exercises, which involve squeezing and releasing the muscles that control urination. According to one study, these exercises were observed to help improve premature ejaculation and enhance a man’s sex life,after pelvic floor muscle training for 12 weeks, and Kegel exercises were part of the training.

Also, general workouts are crucial for enhancing the volume of semen and sperm count because they prevent obesity. One study published in the American Journal of Men’s Health showed a considerable connection between leading a sedentary life and having a low sperm count. But men need to avoid long term intense exercises that could lower their sperm count and quality.


a man sleepingMen must get enough sleep every night for healthy sperms. They need to get 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep each night. According to some studies, men who get too little or too much sleep or who sleep late have lower sperm count and even less healthy sperms than their counterparts who get enough sleep more often.


For healthy sperms and normal sperm count, men need to consume more antioxidants such as vitamin C and E, lycopene, and selenium. These natural plant products may help protect the cells, sperms included, from damage. From the findings of one study, higher antioxidant levels in semen were found among men whose sperm counts were higher.

Vitamin D, which is obtained from foods like herring, mushroom, salmon, and sunlight, improves semen levels and general fertility. Quitting smoking is also a critical way to improve sperm count and quality.